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Abersoch Property Information

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This website has been established to inform potential buyers of property in rural Wales about the linguistic and cultural characteristics of rural Wales. It is an information service aimed at those from outside rural Wales who want to buy property in rural Wales for the first time.


Abersoch Property Information
This information is pertinent to you if you intend to move to - Abersoch, Llanengan, Bwlchtocyn, Sarn Bach and the surrounding area.

The Welsh language is a living language in much of rural Wales.

It is spoken as a community language by almost the entire native population in rural Gwynedd, Ceredigion, Anglesey, Carmarthenshire, North Pembrokeshire, the Conwy Valley and in much of Montgomeryshire and Denbighshire. The area around Abersoch is the heartland of Welsh speaking Wales.

In these areas, all primary school education is conducted through the medium of Welsh as is most secondary school education. Most community life is conducted through the medium of Welsh: including religious services, social clubs, community council meetings, political meetings, football clubs, rugby clubs, pubs. A knowledge of Welsh is essential for jobs that require contact with the public.

Political groups exist that campaign for the civil rights of Welsh speakers and they are strongest in these areas of Wales.

The property boom of the past 5 years has pushed many houses in rural Wales to prices beyond the reach of local people. This is a source of great injustice and there is considerable resentment against the Government for not intervening in the property market in the interests of locals. People feel that their language and culture are under siege.

It is important that individuals who wish to move to Welsh-speaking rural Wales are aware of the political and language situation before investing in a property. These are the facts that the estate agent will not tell you.

None of the information above is intended to suggest you will be made to feel unwelcome if you move to Wales. People in rural Wales mark the contribution of people to their communities in terms of their willingness to learn Welsh and not nationality. Newcomers who learn Welsh and speak Welsh fluently as a second language are valued members of our communities.

But it is essential that people who move to the above areas from outside Wales make the commitment to learn Welsh and understand that making such a commitment is part and parcel of buying a property in north, west and mid Wales.

If you are thinking of moving to Wales 'for the views' or 'to enjoy country life' and do not wish to learn Welsh, the local community in rural Wales will not change language to accomodate you.

But if you are 100% committed to learning Welsh, and know you will succeed, you have come to the right place.Croeso i'r Fro Gymraeg!


Mae'r safle we hon wedi'i sefydlu i roi gwybodaeth i fewnfudwyr posib i gefn gwlad Cymru am natur ieithyddol a diwylliannol ein cymunedau. Gwasanaeth gwybodaeth yw hi wedi'i anelu at brynwyr sydd eisiau prynu eiddo yng nghefn gwlad Cymru am y tro cyntaf.